All about cheap digital camera

There is different camera manufacturing company that manufactures the cheap digital camera. But the main difference between this type of camera and the other digital camera is that it has less feature and advantage compared to the digital camera. Most of this type of camera does not have features like optical zoom,Guest Posting resolution setting, and large memory capacity, replaceable lens, waterproof facility etc. But this type of camera you can only use for pointing on an image and then to shoot the image. The quality of image that you take with the camera depends on the megapixel of the camera. The megapixel that you get in this type of camera is about 2 or higher megapixel. But if want to take picture of portrait size then the megapixel of the camera Eye Camera security should be more than 3 megapixel. It is because of the megapixel rating the cost of most of the camera is higher. If you are having more megapixels in the camera then you are able to take larger photo. If the size of the picture taken by the camera is larger than you would require more space in the memory. But the printing capacity of most of the cheap digital camera is about 8 inches to 10 inches. The picture quality of this type of camera is similar to the other type of digital camera. The main reason for which the people go for this type of camera is that the price of the camera is less compared to the other digital camera. You can purchase the cheap digital camera from any shopping mall, department store, camera store etc. The size as well as the look of this type of camera is similar to the digital camera. It is very easy for you to use this type of camera and the controls that are present in the camera are also very easy to use. The cheap digital camera comes with two kind of zoom which is known as the optical as well as digital zoom. This type of camera makes use of optical zoom lens that helps you to bring the image closer so that you can take the perfect snap. When you make use of the digital zoom then the size of the image is bigger but the clarity of the image is lost. Because of this you should go for the optical zoom in the cheap digital camera. The cheap digital camera also comes with a LCD screen where you can view your image.