The magic of Indian dresses in Paris international fashion week

Vibrant colors,The magic of Indian dresses in Paris international fashion week Articles mesmerizing looks and exotic designs are the words used for referring Indian clothing by top international fashion designers, socialites and fashion lovers all across the world. India is a country of rich cultural heritage, colorful festivals and mysterious beauty that always mesmerizes the world, one can easily feel the texture and mysterious touch in anything coming from India. People throughout the world love Indian dresses because of its extravagant styles, authentic material and classy designs and the numbers of people buying Indian clothes online and the demand for Indian clothing in world fashion market never decreases. Designer Indian clothes considered as the main point of attraction in leading International fashion weeks, Indian clothes such as Indian bridal collections, ethnic clothing, traditional and occasional dresses are major crowd pullers in all leading fashion events of the world

Indian dresses in Paris fashion week 2014

Paris fashion week sept-oct 2014 was a huge success for Indian fashion designer Rahul Mishra who debuted here with his poetic designer collection. A 33 pieces designer collection of Rahul Mishra draws huge crowd attention and admiration from the leading designers’ and design houses of the world. International Woolmark Prize winner of 2014 Rahul Mishra is second Indian fashion designer after Manish Arora whose designer collection displayed at world’s most prestigious fashion event Paris international fashion week this season. World class Indian Fashion designer Manish Arora showcased his ethnic designer collection with some pieces containing the portraits of Lord Rama and Goddess Kali. Indian fashion wears displayed in this mega fashion event reflects the richness of Indian clothing; Indian clothes displayed in Paris fashion week are as follows.

The fashion collection of Rahul Misha in Paris fashion week 2014 expresses his in depth knowledge of cultural and traditional heritage that he used in his latest collection. Being a fan of Rumi’s poetry, Rahul Mishra expresses the mystical words of Rumi in the form of soft texture and exotic embroidery alongside of Japanese traditional art in his latest designers wears, additionally he used rich white, charcoals’ grey and blush color palettes this time. Taken inspiration from his old time favorite story ‘The ferryman’ and experience by his extensive travelling his uses everything in his designs, but the curves and style of his work is obviously always remains Indian. His sleek skirts and blouse showcased in Paris contains hand embroidered geometrical and floral patterns in yellow, black and gold colors. His designer gowns and backless dress contains beautifully imprinted floral designs with highlighted thread and hand embroidery work in perfect color combinations. Charcoal black, off-white, orange yellow and ivory grey color combination gives an ethnic look to his 33 pieces fine Indian clothing lines in Paris international fashion week 2014.

The designer collection displayed in Paris fashion week oct2014 from Manish Arora is a fine example of master artisanship of Indian clothes. Exotic colors, sequin works and colorful embroidery is the specialty of Manish Arora and his collection displayed in Paris fashion week contains it all. His new collection displayed here attracted both high class celebrities and business professionals, he uses fine chiffon material for gowns, slim skirts and floral blouse and sweatshirts, pink roses used in his designs creates mesmerizing effects when combined with chiffon dress materials. His designer wears displayed in Parish fashion week 2014 has everything that people love.