The Rathbone Media Advertising Agency Story

The Rathbone Story

Rathbone Media Limited otherwise known as the Rathbone Media Group of companies:

Rathbone Media Advertising Agency
Rathbone Digital Online Agency
Rathbone Arts Creative Agency

Rathbone Media was established by Geoff Cole in 1991. Geoff a former Director of Saatchi and Saatchi for nearly 25 years decided it was time to create his own Media agency. With that,The Rathbone Media Advertising Agency Story Articles he retired from the London Advertising scene and chose his first home for Rathbone to be in Shenfield, Essex.

Geoff originally wanted to create a small advertising agency focusing on just a few, if not a single client and take it a little easier than he had been. Unfortunately for Geoff it was not time for him to retire yet and clients started to approach Geoff for his media planning and buyingprowess. Success came quickly and it became apparent that he would need more likeminded media people and he begun to recruit and the company grow.

One of the first clients to join Rathbone Media was Topps UK, a little known confectionary brand from the US trying to promote its confectionary to stores throughout the UK. Topps, through careful planning, slowly grew into a nationally advertised product with brand name and catchline that we still know today – “Don’t push me, push a Push Pop!”. Rathbone Media pushed forward winning client after client and expanding on an annual basis until the present day. Now RML have in excess of 45 staff, 185 clients across a variety of industry sectors and a new premises in Chelmsford Essex, only 20 minutes from London!

Rathbone Media also provide media planning and buying, for a large number of media consultants, creative and digital agencies as well. Rathbone Media has continued to push forward winning client after client and even those who have joined the agency recently have seen the company grow in front of their very eyes. Our client dedication, media expertise and advertising insight has brought us to now – being the biggest advertising agency in the South East and it’s something we’re very proud of. Rathbone Media buy and plan advertising campaigns for clients in the UK and across Europe, and create International Advertising campaigns for the Global audience. Whether it be trade or consumer targeted magazine advertising or TV Buying, Rathbone Media can provide advertising campaigns to accommodate any budget, and have done successfully now for nearly 20 years!